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Mar 13, 2004

I am currently a second year chemistry undergrad in Montreal and I have applied for med-school at U of Mtl and U of Sherbrooke (I wasn't eligible to apply at Mcgill nor at ULaval since I'm only a second year undergrad).

I have a GPA of:

4.0 (on the 4.3 scale) or:
3.92 (if converted to the 4.0 scale)

The class average is around 2.6-2.7 on the 4.3 scale.

I was wondering what were my chances to get an interview for med school in both of these universities or what could be my chances to get an admissions offer. I know that UofM looks at my Cegep grades (10% of my file, and 90% is my university grades) which isn't the case for U of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke looks only at my university grades. I had a CRC of around 29-30 in CEGEP.

I've heard that the chances to get in med school for second year undergrads at UdMtl aren't that great, is this true?? Should I forget about my chances for this university then??
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Does the same apply to UdSherbrooke?

Also, is there a way to estimate my CRU? I've been to the registrar's office a couple of times and they weren't helpful.


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Sep 3, 2002
i am a 4th year at the u of sherbrooke. to my knowledge, you have a pretty good GPA which should put you pretty high on the list. i know that montreal likes people who have bachelors degree A LOT but i think they like it better when students have completed the degree.

i don't think you will have pretty soon. TAAMUS is coming up! good luck.


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Jun 21, 2004
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Sorry but I can't really help since I went through the cegep path. I'm surprised of your GPA, considering your CRC though. I guess you just got better grades at university...


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Mar 30, 2000
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Dazed & confused,

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi tu dis que tu n'es pas elligible pour appliquer ? Laval. Je suis un r?sident de Laval, j'ai fait ma m?decine ? Laval et beaucoup de monde dans ma classe avaient seulement deux ans d'universit?. Est-ce que c'est ? cause d'un m?lange de ta cote R du CEGEP et universitaire? (? ce moment-l?, ?a te d?savantagerais ? cause de ton 29-30)
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