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Mar 28, 2010
I was just curious what the lifestyle is like living in Stockton? I have lived in California before, but it was in LA. So I am not sure if it is a huge change of pace of life, different kinds of people, exercise facilities, infrastructure, etc. Going to school is one thing, but its way different when in grad school as opposed to undergrad. So if anyone can provide me with insight about the surrounding location, if living there isn't too bad (even though i have heard it is a gang infested are) that would be helpful. thank you. UOP pharm seems like a pretty good school and I am considering it as one of my top choices.


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Mar 18, 2009
Palo Alto, CA
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Hm, well having grown up in Stockton and living the better part of my life there, I can say that it is a pretty cool city in the day time... and provided that you keep aware of your surroundings you can avoid the occasional day time mugging as well. At night, you will probably want to stay from anywhere besides Sherwood / Weberstown Malls (The pair of mall across from the smaller community college about 1/2 mile from UoP's Pacific Ave entrance). The Stoneridge Shopping center is nice, too, it has a BJ's and a Mimi's Cafe... as well as a Chili's nearby. However, anywhere beyond that major hub will be a risk. That includes north of Lower Sac. Rd, and south of Alpine Rd. Lots and lots of gang activity and they don't have any problem injuring passersby.

There are a couple of really nice health clubs, In-Shape City is probably the finest one with the best equipment, it's been around since I was in high school, so mid-1990s.

You'll find a large population of African Americans and Hispanics, with a pretty decent helping of American White and Asians as well. You'll find Stockton to be a pretty sectioned city in terms of race, with one race mostly occupying one part of the city. I suppose that happens in any big city with "turf."

Pace of life, in general, will be fine. The only thing you might miss is a night life. Beyond a couple of seedy-ass, trashy clubs/bars, Stockton's got nothin'. HOWEVER, a short drive to Sac can get you one step up on the night life, and if you drive 15 minutes to the west from there, Davis has great pubs and dancing. However, besides that, there are myriad restaurants, cafes, etc... and UoP is very centric to all of them.

The rent, for the most part, is cheap if you don't want to live on campus and there are awesome selections for apts right across the way from UoP. Beware, however, that tenants around you might not be students and hence will have parties until all hours, every day of the week (My experience in several apartment complexes in Stkn, sadly).

The school itself is showing signs of aging but what school with its history wouldn't?

Bottom line, if you're not dumb and don't go places you shouldn't when you shouldn't go there, you'll be safe and will enjoy your time in Stkn.

Hope I helped.