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Mar 24, 2002
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Does anyone know what type of MCAT scores an out of state applicant to U. of Vermont would have to get to be admitted. I have around a 3.6 gpa at a SUNY

Doctora Foxy

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Jan 29, 2002
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Hi :) Welcome to SDN!

Vermont is one of those wonderful schools that seem to look at the whole applicant and not just stats.

I just checked the MSAR (medical school admission requirements) and the average mcat for all accepted students (including in and out of staters) is 9.26 on each subtest. The average gpa is 3.4. There were 29 in staters last year. That is all the statistical info I know.

I have not been accepted but I do have an interview there coming up soon. I have a 27 P (9 x 3) and a 3.67 gpa at a top-50 school. They love clinical experience and those interested in primary care. Disclaimer: I am not saying everyone with a 27 will get an interview, I really think I am lucky!)

So if you do reasonably well on the mcats and have some good ECs (extracurricular activities), you have a good chance. But note that they do favor Vermont residents and if they could fill their class with in-staters, they would. (someone please correct me if I'm wrong)

You can also do a search on sdn to find lots of info about UVM. :)

Best of luck to you!