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UNLV Waitlisted


Junior Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 18, 2004
newbie here.....Just Found out I was waitlisted @UNLV. I have a couple questions for the group:

1) Any prior experiences with wait lists? Anybody with UNLV?
I've heard UNLV is prone to having 'pullouts' well into summer due to it's no deposit policy.

2) What should I be doing (if anything) to improve my chances?
(wrote a short letter confirming my interest but don't want to be a pest)

SGPA: 3.28

AA: 20
PAT: 19

I am an in-state student so I was advised my chances were 'good' even though the class has been filled :confused:

I was told in no uncertain terms the reason for my status was that I filed very late (January). +pity+

Any experiences from the group?????

Thanks guys!!!

Col Sanders

Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 29, 2004
Las Vegas, NV
You may be in luck depending on where you are on the instate wait list. The instate wait list is alot shorter than the out of state and I have a good friend who has accepted at both case western and UNLV (instate). It looks like he wants to go to cleveland, so if your the first on the list you'll get his spot.
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