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Jun 4, 2006
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Just to let you know, there is a website for UOP students that only students can access. However, you can come in as a guest and post questions in our forums for pre-dents and applicants and students from the school will answer your questions concerning...well...whatever you want to ask.

You can ask on Student Doctor too, but our website has almost all of the students in all 3 classes registered, so you are bound to get a wider range of responses.

Our website address is:

Click on Forums button and find the place where you can post in applicants questions...pretty similar in design to Student Doctor.

Have a great Summer

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how do you login as a guest though?? or do you not need to login at all... if so, then, how do you get to see all the replies to the threads! i tried to read the replies... but it wont let me :(. can you plz give some more instructions to access the threads as a guest!! thank you so much!!

There is no actual loginfor guests. Just go the the website:


click on the "Forums" button on the left side of the page.
You will see a couple forums that you can post in. There are many more that are hidden from you because you are not logged in as a student, but one you have full access to is called "DDS Applicants"

Click on that forum and you'll see a bunch of threads of previous questions. You can click on "New Thread" to start a new thread and ask a question or you can go into an existing thread and click "Reply" to continue questions within that thread.

To look at responses...you need to wait a few days for students to respond and then go back to the website the exact same way, click on a thread you started and asked a question in, and see what people said as replies.

Hope that helps.