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I got excited when I found a big, fat envelope from UPenn sitting in my mailbox today, but it turned out to be a viewbook and there was no application in it :( . Are they sending out viewbooks to everyone this year? It seems like a big waste of money for them, since most schools only make their viewbooks available online nowadays. Has anyone gotten their secondary yet?
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Thanks for the link. Nice, relaxing supp. I just thought I'd pass along what probably most of you who've filled out the secondary have already received. This is just an excerpt from Penns confirmation email (in reference to checking one's status):

This information is updated on a daily basis as we receive letters, MCAT scores and the data you submitted through AMCAS (note that this is coming through to us very slowly, so it may be some weeks before this page shows that we have receive the application data you submitted to AMCAS).

So it goes. Keep these links a comin. For those of us still mired in "active" status, it's nice to get some of these out of the way before school starts. Hope everyone's apps are coming along.
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