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Dec 20, 2001
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Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions, interview stories or rotation experiences, etc, on the following programs?

1. SUNY Buffalo
2. SUNY Syracuse
3. Albany Medical Center
4. University of Rochester

I would appreciate any feedback on these programs. Thanks.


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Jul 11, 2002
New England
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Rochester- Good/great larger program. Very strong residents and great hospitals.

Albany - Pretty good, small program. Good number of FMG's. Nice overall hospital system.

Syracuse - Very small university hospital, no OB or peds. Peds is coming (2007?). Currently get shipped to Cinci and the Brigham for these rotations. Large number of FMG's. Good college sports.

I would search through recent posts about these, I'm pretty sure I wrote some more on each of these but this is the general order of them, Rochester is by far and away a standout in upstate NY. The rest get lumped together basically.
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