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urine drug screen billing

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10+ Year Member
Feb 24, 2010
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  1. Attending Physician
I specifically got an office that had an internal bathroom. Have a designated room for the CLIA lab and other miscellaneous storage.

I pick up the urine containers myself with gloved hands, and run the tests, and take over everything except the result data entry into the EMR. My assistant is not an MA/LPN etc.

I require UDS on all new visits. All visits for suboxone. All visits for stimulant prescribing. Reserve the right for random UDS. I also do pregnancy testing on first visits for child bearing age women, or if they ever requests it again in the future.
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May 20, 2010
  1. Attending Physician
What vendors do you guys use. How do you do UDS if you only have public restrooms? I'm considering this myself.

I mean, if someone really wants to cheat a UDS it's gonna happen. There are quite a few offices esp in primary care that run everything off the same urine (UDS, UA, upreg dipstick), so they have people give their samples in non-secured restrooms. Also, when you pick up other people's urine is pretty obvious unless it's been sitting on a counter for 15 minutes (it's usually not body temp)...so if it feels cold you can always give them a glass of water and tell them you want them to pee again.

For stimulants most people don't even get what you're trying to do with the UDS (make sure they're positive for the stimulant), so when they do try to cheat it because they smoked weed last week, it's totally obvious.

For suboxone/controlled stuff, people also often don't get that you're primarily making sure they're taking the suboxone. For other substances, we make it clear we don't automatically kick them out if they pop positive for other things, we have a discussion about it, and increase the frequency of their AA meetings/therapy/office visits (which then naturally increases the frequency of their UDS).
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