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May 22, 2019
Hi All! I am planning on reapplying this cycle and I wanted to some advice on my competitiveness for my state schools (Florida) as well as schools within my GPA/MCAT range. For my background, I am a black/African-American undergraduate

For starters, these were the stats and activities I applied with:
GPA: 3.64 cumulative GPA, 3.42 Science GPA,
MCAT: 501
Research: 300 hours, 3 poster presentations
Medical Volunteering: 180 hours over 1.5 years (stopped due to COVID)
Non-Medical Volunteering: 200 hours of tutoring
Shadowing: 50+ hours
Leadership: 1 position
Work experience: ~1700 hours in my family’s business

I got feedback from someone who went through the process, and I was told to improve my GPAs, retake the MCAT, and get more volunteering. I was also told that my Alma Mater had a hard cutoff of a 505 so I figured that my other state schools with higher stats were probably out of reach too. Other than 4 of my state schools, I did not follow through with applying to out of state schools which explains why I didn’t get interviews for this cycle.

Since applying, I’ve done more to improve my app:

GPA now: 3.7 cumulative GPA, 3.57 Science GPA
New MCAT: 506
Non-medical volunteering: 170 hours volunteering at a soup kitchen
I’ve also been working ~15 hours a week in my family’s business, but this isn’t medically related

I plan to apply to about 20 new target schools this cycle, plus all of my state schools, and about 5-8 of the schools I applied to last cycle for about 30-35 schools.

Anyways, given the improvements I’ve made on my application, do I have a shot given the fact that I am a re-applicant? And are the improvements I’ve made-specifically with my MCAT significant enough?

Thanks in advance :)


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Sep 15, 2012
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You need to apply to many more than just 4 schools. I suggest all these:
Florida State
U Florida
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Central Florida
South Florida Morsani
Virginia Commonwealth
George Washington
Seton Hall
New York Medical College
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
Medical College Wisconsin
St. Louis
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May 11, 2016
You would have got in the first time if you’d applied to many schools besides Florida.Keep your heads up.
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Jan 7, 2020
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I’m not sure who told you to improve your gpa... your stats were fine the first time. Apply to more schools . Best of luck !
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