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  1. I

    ORM FL resident reapplicant WAMC with this school list?

    Hello. I'm a current reapplicant for the 2021-2022 cycle. My stats are a 3.97 gpa (3.98 sgpa), 515 mcat (131,126,129,129). My ECs are the following: -scribing (2000 ish hours) -volunteering at hospital psych unit (200 hours) -volunteering at a free clinic (350 hours) -volunteering with covid...
  2. TYJC16


    Hi everyone! I would love some opinions on my situation. I was super fortunate to be accepted into 5 medical programs (4 DO and 1 MD). My top choices right now are KCU and LCOM at the University of Vermont (both are super incredible, and I'm so excited to have the option to even choose!). My...
  3. E

    WAMC for this school list?

    State/Country of Residence: CA Ties to other States/Regions: None URM? (Y/N): N Year in School: Grad Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Bio Cumulative GPA: 3.70 Science GPA: 3.65 MCAT Score(s): 517 (128/130/130/129) Research Experience: 2.5 years in pancreatic cancer research...
  4. E

    2021/2022 schools to apply to?

    cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS 3.70/3.64 (somewhat upward trend, nearly all As in upper divs MCAT score(s) and breakdown 128/130/130/129 (517) State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US) CA Ethnicity and/or race Middle Eastern/White Undergraduate institution...
  5. S

    WAMC/School list help: URM, 3.65/515

    Hi, I'm a current junior who would like to apply this cycle and I would love some help creating a school list. I have MSAR but I am struggling to identify all the factors (OOS friendliness, mission statement, etc) that would make a school a good target for me. I'd like to stay in the northeast...
  6. SimpleMinds33

    URM Re-applicant Seeking Advice for Application

    Hi All! I am planning on reapplying this cycle and I wanted to some advice on my competitiveness for my state schools (Florida) as well as schools within my GPA/MCAT range. For my background, I am a black/African-American undergraduate For starters, these were the stats and activities I...
  7. P

    WAMC (3.67/507) URM

  8. E

    2021/2022 school list?

  9. T

    One W during the First Post-bacc semester-- Considering undergrad mistakes, should I abandon hope?

    Hello! I'll start with the bad stuff: I've dropped chem 1 twice in undergrad. As a non-trad this time, in my first post-bacc semester I had to drop a chem 1 lab portion because a B- wouldn't be possible after I missed early deadlines on some detailed lab reports. The good part: I have A's in...
  10. B

    3.9 cGPA 3.75 sGPA 514

    Planning to apply next cycle to start in 2022: State/Country of Residence: Pennsylvania Ties to other States/Regions: None Year in School: Graduating college in 2021 Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Biology Graduate Degrees (if applicable): none Cumulative GPA: 3.9 Science GPA: 3.75 MCAT...
  11. Bucks'n'Ducks

    Recently Charged With An OWVI. Should I even bother with a post bacc

    Hello all, The title kind of says it all. I have recently been convicted of an OWVI (operating while visually impaired, like a DUI but your BAC is less than 0.08 but greater than 0 but the officer feels you are still not able to drive a vehicle safely, still a misdemeanor here in MI). The quick...
  12. ChrisPBacon7

    Chances for DO

    Hey guys, just wondering based off my stats which DO programs I have a chance of getting into. Just got my score back from 7/7 MCAT, feeling a bit doubtful now. MCAT: 502 (126/124/127/125) cGPA ~3.2, sGPA (for AACOMAS) ~3.1, big upward trend senior year, downward trend on postbac Exp: - Over...
  13. crazyotter

    Stigma of doing premed pre-reqs at a Community College?

    I'll keep things short: 27 year old male. I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Political Science (arts). Got a 2.24 GPA. Worked in IT for 3 years, then went back to get a second Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Will graduate this year with an expected 3.78 GPA. Post-Bac CAS puts my...
  14. G


    Hello, I applied before and got no interviews. I did apply late in the cycle so I intend on applying much earlier. Stats: Major: Biology specialization in neuroscience cgpa: 3.2 . Sgpa: 3.2 Post-bacc 3.2 Mcat: 511 (125//128//130//128) New York Currently taking undergraduate science classes as...
  15. Txgirls85


  16. 8YearsLate

    Help w/ School List [underdoggy]

  17. catlover2715

    MD & DO WAMC/School list-- low GPA/MCAT + solid EC/LOR -- Female ORM - 1st time

    Before ripping my edges bc of my GPA/MCAT, I wanna say that I know MD is a very very very long shot(almost impossible). The reason for this post is to see if its even worth applying to my state schools/top DO Schools or just apply to mid/low DO schools(need help on which ones they even are)...
  18. S

    WAMC MD/DO, GPA: 3.71, MCAT: 505

    Hey Guys, I am new to SDN so I hope I get the format correct. 1. CGPA: 3.71 SGPA: 3.65 2. MCAT: 505 (126,126, 128, 125) 3. State of residence : FL resident. 4. Ethnictiy: Asian 5. College: State School in Florida 6. Clinical hours - Hospital Volunteering (167 hours)...
  19. theeasymushroom

    Is this an institutional action that I need to report?

    During my sophomore year of college (April 2015) I attended a small party at a friends dorm room on campus. I remember there were people drinking in the room, and the RAs needed to write everyone up because of that. I was required to attend an educational course that taught students to be more...
  20. Xburner2020

    Need help with list of schools to apply to (MD and DO)

    Undergrad: 2.7 cGPA, 2.9 sGPA (124 credits) DIY undergrad post-bacc: 3.9 cGPA, 3.9 sGPA (42 credits) Graduate pre-med post-bacc: 3.5 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA MCAT: 508 (127/124/130/127) Currently a MS student. Clinical volunteering: almost 600 hrs Non-clinical volunteering: about 100 hrs Shadowing...
  21. S

    Retakes and DO schools?

    Hey everyone, It's been a while, but I have a question. I was wondering if DO schools are out of the question if a non traditional applicant retook 1 prerequisite class more than 3 times? I was wondering if that is the case then what can the applicant do to improve their...
  22. F

    TX resident WAMC? 4.0 post bacc but low GPA

    3.47 sGPA, 3.57 cGPA (upward trend- 4.0 in post bacc while working full time, went to a top 20 college in undergrad), 523 MCAT. *edited for anonymity
  23. Txgirls85

    MD done

  24. K

    Need advice

    Just got my MCAT score back and it is a 498 (122, 128, 123, 125). I'm REALLY disappointed. :( Should I retake??? I am applying to DO schools. I submitted apps to NYIT, VCOM, ACOM, MWU CCOM, LMU, Rocky Vista. I have gotten secondaries from NYIT, ACOM, MWU CCOM, and VCOM. GPA is 3.7. I have many...
  25. N

    Reinvention Attempt Good Enough? Please advise!

    Hi all, Thanks for reading this. I really appreciate any and all feedback. I just got my MCAT back today, so I can finally post a WAMC! My theme is that I tried a bit of everything and ended up falling in love with community service, public health and teaching (in addition to medicine...
  26. M

    School List Help - Please! (Another CA student)

  27. Future_cardio

    Confused and lost on majors. PLEASE HELP..

    Hello everyone, I am a high school senior about to graduate. I decided that I want to go to med schoold and become a doctor. But choosing a major is actually hard for me. At first, I wanted to major in Biology because that seemed like the right thing to do. And I do love Biology. Then I did...
  28. S

    MD WAMC MD Reapplicant 2020 School List Advice

    I am looking for suggestions for out of state schools to apply to for the 2020 application cycle. I am open to MD and DO schools. Background: FL resident Non-traditional MD Reapplicant First generation college graduate 22 year old white female 2019 application cycle: Only applied MD Applied to...
  29. P

    WAMC Reapplicant 513 MCAT, 3.56 GPA

    Hello, I am planning to reapply for the 2020 Med school cycle. Last cycle I applied to 17 MD programs and I got one II that resulted in a waitlist then rejection. I am trying to make a better list of schools to apply to this year and would like advice on improving my chances for getting in. I...
  30. B

    511/3.7/Low ECs WAMC

    Please do not quote. Hi everyone! Do I have a shot at acceptance this cycle if I apply early? I appreciate your feedback! ORM NC Resident 3.7 overall GPA, 3.77 science 128/127/128/128 Graduating 2019 with a BS in Chemical Engineering ~350 hours research over 2 years, no publications ~100 hours...
  31. F

    How to effectively study for upper division science

    Hi All! What’s the best way to study for a class like orgo 2, phy2, and Biochem? I’ll be taking these soon, but I had a bit of trouble finding effective study habits for these classes like orgo 1, that require tons of memorizing. Not to mention exams are written and only 5 questions. What’s the...
  32. F

    NYU Medical School- My chances?

    My dream school is to get into NYU. I know now its way more competitive now that tuition is free. What are my chances... I've gotten mostly B's in my prerequisite sciences. Here's what I've got so far. If you have and recommendations for a school list, please foward! Thank you. Junior undergrad...
  33. Z

    UIWSOM vs NYITCOM-jonesboro

    Hi all, I have been accepted to NYITCOM-Jonesboro but waitlisted at UIWSOM; however, I attended UIWSOM's first interview of the cycle so there's a good chance I might get accepted off the waitlist. If such circumstance arises, I will have to choose between the two. I want to know what you guys...
  34. H

    GPA 3.53 MCAT 508 5 years experience in lab and clinical research

    My numbers are low but I have strong experience in top hospitals and very good recommendation letters, I was a DIII athlete and have 4 years of volunteer work with underrepresented population. My GPA improved every year and science GPA is 3.48. I have NO interviews YET- I am panicking!! What do...
  35. Y


    23 yo, 2017 college graduate, 2.9 GPA bio major. Volunteered for AmeriCorp for 6 months after graduation, decided I wanted to be a doctor/continue education. Accepted to a masters of bio program (pre-professional focus) at a small university...set to attend January 2019 - January 2020. Trying...
  36. G

    Shadowing medical students the day before an interview?

    I was speaking to one of the Docs that I scribe with and asked him for interview tips. He suggested something he did for his residency interviews where he asked to shadow a resident for a day and said I should ask to shadow a 3rd year med student as it showed initiative and a real desire to...
  37. G

    WAMC/ Should I add more schools?

    cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.9+ and 3.9+ MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 522 (129/129/132/132) State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US): AZ Ethnicity and/or race: White Undergraduate institution or category: Large public state university Clinical experience...
  38. L

    EDP Interview Date

    Hey y'all, I applied EDP to the University of Utah and they offered me an assessment day MMI spot on either August 27th or September 7th. If I chose the 27th I would have to do an online interview by Thursday, so I am pretty nervous since I don't have much time to prepare. Since it is EDP, will...
  39. C

    3.5gpa 523 MCAT

    Hey all, (will probably redact this later for anonymity) Stats are as said, 3.5 c/sGPA and 523 MCAT balanced. ORM. Planning to apply next cycle. Should Top20s be a part of my application? What general schools should I target due to asymmetric stats? GPA trend is super upward, from a 2.39 (1st...