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Sep 23, 2002
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Hey everyone,

I'm starting my internship in July and my first block is urology. I found out from the residency coordinator that they are using a new urologist and I'll be the first resident to rotate with him/her. I was hoping to be able to learn a lot, while making a good impression for the program.

Consequently, can anyone recommend a good review or handbook that I can buy to read before and during the rotation. I'd like something that won't break the bank, but give me a sufficient overview of the specialty from a primary care perspective.


Richie Truxillo

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Apr 26, 2004
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You can also check out "Clinical manual of Urology" and "Urology Secrets" if you like. See if you can get em used on amazon. Smith's General Urology isn't bad either but I preferred the other two books.

Here are the links:

Urology Secrets
Clinical Manual of Urology

Good luck in your urology residency. Hope to be in the uro club next year :thumbup:

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