Mar 15, 2010
MD/PhD Student
According to these early data of the 2010 Match from the NMRP:

Only 113 of 317 (35%) of U.S. PGY-1 Neuro applicants matched into PGY-1 Neuro positions, with 317 of 717 (44%) of all Neuro applicants being U.S. seniors.

Overall, 113 of 228 (49.6%) categorical Neurology positions were filled by U.S. graduates in 2010.

This is down from 63% of such positions being filled by U.S. seniors in 2009, 64% in 2008 and 53% in 2007 (The numbers for PGY-2 positions this year was around 60% filled by U.S. seniors).

Contrast this with categorical medicine positions in which 33% of applicants were U.S. seniors, but 55% of positions were filled by U.S. seniors (a number that has been stable over the past several years).

So what happened?

Normal variation (as the 2007 numbers might suggest)? Did a lot of U.S. seniors rank Neuro as a safety field this year? Or is Neuro becoming oddly competitive with regards to U.S. seniors vs. IMGs?

Any thoughts?