USC post bacc?!

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Mar 8, 2016
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Hey everyone so I just wanted to know whats the chances of me getting into the USC post bacc program. I currently go to UC Davis and I transferred here from a CC. My CC gpa was a 3.3 and my current UC Davis gpa is 2.6 yikes I know.. cumulatively my gpa is a 3.0. Last year was my first year here as a transfer and I struggled a lot with classes and the speed of how everything works clearly reflected in my gpa. Since this year has started I got a 3.5 last quarter and I have been improving my grades a lot compared to last year where I was getting low 2.0's. I also am working with a professor to publish a academic paper as the first author and I have 200 hours of volunteering experience in the operating room as well as 200 hours of experience in the ER.


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