Jun 15, 2019
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For the third supplemental question on the USC AADSAS app, they ask "Please list your professional achievements and include when and how long." What would be considered "professional achievement"? For example, my only paid employment is as a tutor, but I have held positions in clubs and also volunteered as a dental assistant. And how should I make this section stand out from other parts of my application that already cover this topic?

And feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


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Jun 24, 2015
  1. Dental Student
You can use anything you deem as “professional” in this section, does not have to be a paid position and it can be academic/volunteer work. The way you make this section stand out is you talk about a different experience(s) than you did in the other sections. Do not overthink the supplementals and submit them asap. In my experience the schools I interviewed at (including usc) never payed much attention to what I wrote in these! Lol

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