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    So I've been accepted to both USC and UMN; currently deciding between the two. Minnesota offered me a research fellowship for this summer and I potentially want to specialize so that seems really attractive.

    I feel confident that I'll receive an excellent all around education at UMN. But PBL at USC piqued my interest. I was skeptical until I sat in on a PBL session with real students, it seemed to work. I think group discussion will really help me retain the information. Plus the school is in LA. I'm from SF and would like to eventually practice in CA. How important is it to attend school in the state I wish to practice in?

    Should I make a safe bet on a traditional program (UMN) or take a gamble on something I think might work (USC)? Out of state tuition makes USC about 25K more expensive than UMN over 4 years.
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    25K is a new car, but if USC is where you want to go to school and you are interested in practicing in CA where USC is well known, maybe it's something you should consider. Going to USC over UMN will not make you a better dentist or more fit to practice. You just need to decide what school and enviornment will make you happiest for the next four years. USC may give you some better connections when you initially start looking for a job, but it may only be an advantage for a short duration. Good Luck!

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