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Mar 14, 2002
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Nov 10, 2019
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Can I add some things? Would love to try to stimulate some more helpful resource sharing!
(disclaimer - current fellow here, so these may not all be interesting at all levels)

The Incubator podcast - now also in Spanish, French, and Portuguese! Covers a variety of topics such as journal clubs, interviews with neonatology giants, etc. These same hosts also do a Neonatology board review podcast based on the Brodsky & Martin review books, but this requires a subscription for some content.

Evidence-Based Neonatology (EBNeo) - aggregate resource for recent neonatology publications. Also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

ONTPD Online with Experts - virtual lecture series born during the pandemic to support core curriculum for fellowship programs. Now with three years' worth of lectures covering a wide variety of topics

Nathan Sundgren youtube channel - Dr. Sundgren is a big name in neonatal resuscitation. Has a great "beyond advanced" series on his youtube channel talking specific situations in more detail.

NICU Grad podcast - this podcast seems to have gone dormant when the fellow running it graduated, but the 20 episodes she made previously cover a good variety of bread and butter NICU topics in a relatively short and easily consumable format.

Tala Talks NICU youtube channel - Dr. Tala makes pretty regular videos on a variety of NICU topics; most are <30 minutes long so very easy to consume. She also posts questions related to her video content on her channel's community page.

@neopapers - Twitter bot that aggregates recent publications related to neonatology. Doesn't offer commentary like EBNeo does

Neo Cardio Lab - cardiovascular research lab based out of McGill University. Offers a lot of resources about tnECHO and POCUS.
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