Using a large scholarship to leverage a waitlist?

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Dec 13, 2016
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Hi guys! I've just been very fortunate to receive a substantial scholarship from the school I'm currently PTE'd with (~40k/year). However, I'm also on the waitlist for my top choice.

I love this WL'd school TREMENDOUSLY, for the school, the location, the curriculum, the people, etc. Cost is a huge factor, but this WL'd school is also my local state school so the tuition is already somewhat cheaper, and I'd also be able to live rent-free with my fiance so the actual CoA of my state school with no scholarship isn't that much more than my current A after scholarship.

I sent my state school a LoI earlier this month, would it be worth it to send another to mention the scholarship? Would they even care? If I should, any tips?

Happy for all advice!
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