USMLE Anatomy

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So, the gross anatomy section of First Aid is only about 10 pages long. Is this really adequate for the USMLE? I know anatomy is a low yield subject, and that much of it is neuro, but will I be adequately prepared for this part by knowing First Aid and a few key chapters from High Yield (extremities, head/neck)? I am planning on spending more time with HY Neuro. Thanks!

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Yup, FA is sufficient for gross and neuroanatomy. Just make sure that you know everything on those 10 pages, there is actually a good amount of info on them. You should be able to replicate the diagrams that are in first aid from memory.
Ditto to Olanzapine's post...the few pages in FA dealing with gross and neuroanatmoy are extremely high yield, but are aadequate if you memorize them.