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Jul 5, 2004
Hi there...I have the secrets books but not the step up...though it seems like I have every other book available. Personally I find the Secrets book to be an excellent break from the grind as you can it down and blow through a subject while on the train or just before bed if that's your thing. Though it is definitely an adjunct to a study program as it "highlights" key cases that are "frequent" on the Step 1 exam. I found that the intro section in each subject clarifies the meat and bones of the subject (for example, in genitourinary the intro section will include "what are the three layers of the glomerular filter and how do they contribute to renal filtration? Define the filtration fraction. What mechanisms does the kidney have to prevent development of acidosis? How do kidneys resorb bicarbonate? etc, etc etc) and this section follows with a number of cases that are must knows (minimal change, renal cell CA, focal glomerulosclerosis, diabetic nephropathy, etc. I enjoy the secrets books and have been told by others that are preparing that it's a nice addition to the prep arsenal...and i don't think it's too terribly expensive either. Anyway, my opinion.
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