USMLE Step 1 Tutor Available Immediately

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Nov 15, 2011
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I am a 4th year medical student at NYU School of Medicine. I scored 264 on USMLE Step 1 when I took it in 2015. Since then I have tutored several students in-person and online via Skype with great success. CV, references, and score reports are available on request.

My teaching style includes three core elements: maximizing high yield topics, contextualizing test questions with ample clinical examples, and frequent repetition.

We will primarily use the UWorld question bank and First Aid but I frequently supplement with hand selected materials I have found useful through the years.

I know this exam exceptionally well and have the communication skills and teaching experience to help you achieve your goals. I am a demanding instructor but will always be patient with you.

Please contact me for a free, no-commitment half hour trial session. We will also discuss my hourly rate and other logistics at that time. My personal email is: [email protected]

Together, we will realize your dream of dominating USME Step 1.