USMLE STEP 1 !!!!!!!

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    May 26, 2000
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    For all you future docs...
    I am an incoming second year and have questions for all incoming third years and second years in med school:
    1. When should I begin serious prep for StepOne this year?
    2. For all of you that took a review course, was it sufficient in info to help you pass?
    3. What review course is success rate wise proven to be best?
    4. Did you take the Step at a test site different from your classmates to avoid distraction?
    5. What was the composition of the Step this past year...(mostly Path, Micro, Pharm, etc.)?
    6. What computer programs are best for Step study?

    As an incoming second year, across the board I expect classes to intensify... how many hours a day did you study and did you intermingle this with Step One studying?

    Thank you in advance for this advice for all second year docs 2 b !!!


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