USMLEWorld Android APP reporting false screen capture.

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bad virus

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Oct 14, 2008
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Hi everyone,

I wasn't sure where to post this as the tech support people from USMLE world were not helpful at all.

Every two or three tests on the USMLEWorld Step2 ck qbank, on an asus transformer TF101, it starts giving me a warning that the next time I use screen capture I will have my test suspended and will be reported. Then a few seconds later it says this test has been terminated for screen capturing, and I have been reported to the staff. That is not the exact message but the gist of it. I never actually pushed screen capture or even attempted. I disabled all other programs and ran different task killers to make sure nothing is running.

My only conclusion is either their android software is wack, or I have some kind of spy ware on my computer. Any ideas? UWorld staff say that I am some how trying to screen capture their test, and I promise that is not the case. There is no accidental screen capture button being pushed or anything like that.

Thanks guys, please let me know if you experienced something similar.

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I had a message popping up once without doing anything on my iphone saying don't capture the screen again or your test will be terminated...really annoying...:-(
When I was on a PC and I had some screen clipper app running in the background it happened to me. Never on the Ipad, iphone, or my android phone. Just turn off all background apps.