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Feb 14, 2007
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i applied at the deadline. totally last minute decision. received an email on jan 25th that they received everything and it was under review. because i haven't heard since, can i assume that isn't good? anyone know if they are done scheduling all interviews?


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Feb 13, 2007
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I wouldn't count on hearing from them anytime in the immediate future. They've already scheduled interview days up until March 12th. What will happen is after they're done and tally up everyone's points, if they still need more people for their applicant pool, they will sent out more interview invitations for April. However, if their applicant pool does look very promising and they feel they don't need to interview anymore candidates, then they won't send out anymore invitations. But Dr. DeYoung did say they'd like to interview at least 500 people. At my interview, there were a total of 48 people interviewed; however, I think someone who went to the South Jordan campus to interview said there were like 36 people there. 3 interview sessions were already held at the Henderson campus and there are 2 more left, so that's 5x48= 240. 1 interview session was already held at the South Jordan campus and there's 2 more to be held there, so that's 3x36= 108. So, 348 people either already interviewed or are already scheduled for an interview. If he's looking to interview 500 people, my guess is he'll be doing some interviewing in April. So if your stats are good, I'd hope that you'll eventually get an invitation to interview.
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