USNews Rankings for 2005 Physician Assistant

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Mar 23, 2003
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Rank / School / Average Assessment (5 = highest)
1. Duke University (NC) 4.4
2. University of Iowa 4.1
3. Emory University (GA) 4.0
George Washington University (DC) 4.0
5. University of Utah 3.9
6. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 3.8
7. Baylor College of Medicine (TX) 3.7
University of Texas Medical Branch--Galveston 3.7
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center--Dallas 3.7
10. Oregon Health Sciences University 3.6
St. Francis University (PA) 3.6
Yale University (CT) 3.6
13. Wake Forest University (NC) 3.5
14. Quinnipiac University (CT) 3.4
University of Nebraska Medical Center 3.4
University of Texas Health Science Center--San Antonio 3.4
17. Finch U. of Health Sci.-Chicago Medical School 3.3
Northeastern University (MA) 3.3
St. Louis University 3.3
University of Florida 3.3
University of Oklahoma 3.3
22. Drexel University (PA) 3.2
Midwestern University (IL) 3.2
UMDNJ--Rutgers University 3.2
25. Arizona School of Health Sciences 3.1
Philadelphia University 3.1
University of Detroit Mercy 3.1
University of Kentucky 3.1
29. Central Michigan University 3.0
East Carolina University (NC) 3.0
Midwestern University (AZ) 3.0
Philadelphia Col. of Osteopathic Medicine 3.0
33. Augsburg College (MN) 2.9
Chatham College (PA) 2.9
Duquesne University (PA) 2.9
Marquette University (WI) 2.9
Pacific University (OR) 2.9
University of North Texas 2.9
Wayne State University (MI) 2.9
Western Michigan University 2.9
41. DeSales University (PA) 2.8
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania 2.8
Medical College of Ohio 2.8
Medical University of South Carolina 2.8
Samuel Merritt College (CA) 2.8
University of Southern California (Keck) 2.8
Western University of Health Sciences (CA) 2.8
48. Barry University (FL) 2.7
Des Moines University (IA) 2.7
Idaho State University 2.7
Marietta College (OH) 2.7
Shenandoah University (VA) 2.7
Texas Tech University 2.7
UMDNJ--Newark 2.7
University of New England (ME) 2.7
University of South Alabama 2.7
University of St. Francis (IN) 2.7
58. Nova Southeastern University (FL) 2.6
59. Alderson Broaddus College (WV) 2.5
Arcadia University (PA) 2.5
Eastern Virginia Medical School 2.5
Methodist College (NC) 2.5
Southwest Missouri State University 2.5


these are fairly worthless for a number of reasons:
they only rank ms level pa programs and some of the best programs are still bs level. there are now 135 programs and they rank only half of these...(if that)
they are based on reputation studies of program directors...what director would place his/her program at the bottom of the list?

duke probably should be #1, other than that it is more about where your rotations are done and how long the program has been in existence. in my opinion no program younger than 10 yrs should be considered a top program, they are still working out a lot of the details.....

fort lincoln

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Jun 4, 2004
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do you know some of the stronger B.S. programs ?


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Aug 25, 2004
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What about Touro!!!

This list is no good, can we get a second opinion...


in my part of the world university of washington/medex is considered the top bs program. don't know about the rest of the country at this point.


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Feb 12, 2004
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what about UW-LaCrosse????!!!


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Apr 23, 2003
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It really doesn't matter which PA program you go to as long as you learn enough to pass the boards. Obviously, they have to teach you the basics of science and medicine, but many schools can do this. A smart person who graduates from a program that is unranked here is still better than a dumb person who graduates from Duke.
As with my personal experience with some MD's from Harvard, I doubt a smart PA from Duke is any better than a smart PA from University of Arizona or wherever, other than the name if applying where an MD cares about this kind of thing.
Just pick a program that fits your needs for location, faculty, etc. and don't worry about these useless US News rankings. It is ridiculous to worry so much about which school you go to. We are the predicted 2nd fastest growing medical profession in the US over the next 10 years. Graduates from ALL PA Schools who want jobs will get jobs. Relax.