UVM vs. UMass (OOS for both)

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Oct 16, 2020
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Hello! I'm lucky to be choosing between two good options, but would love some input in helping me make this decision! I'm choosing between UVM and UMass as an out of state student for both schools (from California), but have been living in Vermont for the past year (don't qualify for in state tuition rip). I originally was leaning much more towards UMass, as I liked their interview day/second look day experiences much more, but after visiting Worcester, I realized I'm not super sure if I can see myself being happy living there.

- I know I love Burlington-I can see myself enjoying doing stuff both independently and with friends
- I love the outdoors, and there's great skiing, hiking, climbing, other outdoors stuff nearby
- I have somewhat of a support system here from living here this past year, plus bf (of 4 yrs) is from Burlington and I've gotten to know his family and friends pretty well (though he will be doing an MD/PhD in NYC)
- was sort of hard to get the vibe of the students/school from interview day and second look day events (though from talking to people I get the sense it's pretty good)
- not a very diverse patient population-I know I want to end up practicing in a more diverse area

- super collaborative learning/school environment with learning communities that foster collaboration between students but also with faculty
- felt like I vibed with current and admitted students - they sold the school very well
- lots of extracurriculars I would be excited to get involved in
- wasn't crazy about Worcester when I visited for the day
- I know a couple of people who will be in Boston but other than that most people I consider as my support system will be ~3 hrs away or back in CA
- some outdoor stuff nearby but the better outdoorsy stuff is in VT which is a 2-3 hr drive

Summary: Overall, a lot seems similar about the schools: true P/F, similar CoA, similar match list, and similar education in general. This really seems like a decision between location and school. I think I like UMass as a school a little more, but definitely like Burlington a lot more than Worcester.

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The biggest difference between these two schools is that UVM has an “active learning” preclinical curriculum, while UMass is more traditional. Which better fits your learning style?