Jul 20, 2009
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Hey Guys,

I am doing UW in tutor mode and i am currently having about 55% as overall correct answers while my percentile is 50th percentile.

I am trying to correlate this with the real thing using USMLE calculator and i am not sure whether to use the 50th percentile or should i use the 55% overall correct.

All this is in unsused mode and i just want to be sure which one estimates better. I did NBME 5 last month and score 390 and that scared the **** out of me. I hope to do NBME 6 later this month so guys let me know if i should use the UW 55% as overall correct answers or my percentile which is 50th percentile to estimate where i stand.


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Mar 2, 2007
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% correct over the past 10 blocks or so was most accurate for me.
Yeah, I started in the mid 40s so I ended up with average 68% but my average over the last 15 blocks was 77% and that was way more predictive of my score (but you have to do timed/random to be accurate!)


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Jul 12, 2007
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The two equations I've found to estimate your score from UW:

Proj Score=(UW Avg*2.4)+84 (projects a bit higher)
Proj Score=(UW Avg*1.92)+106.4 (projects a bit lower)

I averaged the two to get my best "estimate".

My experience:
-Projecting off the last 10 blocks projected 17 points higher than my score
-Projecting off the total cum UW avg projected 13 points lower than my score
-Projecting off the 1st pass UW avg projected 25 points lower than my score
-NBME taken 6 days before the exam projected 20 points lower than my score
-Free USMLE taken 2 days before the exam projected 4 points below my score

Take from it what you will. My general belief, and what I've observed on this forum, is that nothing is better than an NBME at getting a read at where you are in your studying. They're definitely worth the 4 hours a pop set aside to take them.