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Feb 24, 2004
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Hello all you Romantics!

I was browsing at this bookstore the other day, and came across the Valentine's Day display . Those looking for some Valentine's Day romance between the covers are certain to find it - in a wonderful book entitled "You Caught Me Kissing : A Love Story". It is written by Dorothy Bridges, wife of actor Lloyd Bridges, mother of Jeff and Beau Bridges. She wrote a Valentine day's poem to her husband every year they were married and even after he passed away in 1999. Her marriage lasted over 50 years and I am so amazed that there are couples that can be so happy for so long. :love: It is truly an inspiration!

What a good idea for all you happy couples out there! As for me, I have various poems for different men and haven't been happily married just yet! LOL! Who cares? Normally, I would keep my poems for private use but as my muses never read them and could not appreciate them, I may publish a book of my poems too ! LOL! :laugh:

Here is the review of the book:

"For over fifty years, during the course of their entire marriage, Dorothy Bridges, one of the grand dames of Hollywood, wrote a love poem every valentine's day to her husband, the international film and tv star, Lloyd Bridges. After his passing in l999, she continued to write the poems out of love and memory. YOU CAUGHT ME KISSING : A LOVE STORY is the emotional saga of a legendary Hollywood family told from the inside,through Dorothy's poems and the vignettes by her famous children, Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges, and their sister, Lucinda. Accompanying the poetry is commentary by the Bridges' three children, actors Beau and Jeff, and artist Lucinda. Also, there are photos from the family album that show scenes from Dorothy's and Lloyd's childhoods, their life together, family outings and celebrations, their handwritten cards and notes and - no surprise - even a few shots of Dorothy and Lloyd smooching. Warm, tender and bittersweet, this is a triumphant tribute to the institution of marriage and book to be treasured on Valentine's Day or any wedding anniversary."

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And remember V Day is not only for lovers but also for friends and family members!


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Feb 7, 2005
Smilemaker100 said:
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And remember V Day is not only for lovers
but also for friends and family members!
Well ! Valentine's day is so famous and still every year reminders like these needs to be posted. Everyone is supposed to know this but still there are people in misconception about V Day.