Value/expected value of summer research programs

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Nov 24, 2019
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Hello! I recently started my summer research program, and it's going in a different direction than I initially anticipated. The lab is quite different from my past research experiences, so I feel like I am starting from square 1. There is also a very limited time (about 9 weeks) so there is only so much I can accomplish. I walked in thinking I would be able to do some really cool research, but everything is moving very slowly so far. I feel like everyone in the lab is already engrossed in their own work. This is my first REU, so I don't know what to expect; should I be expecting to complete some cool project or should I be expecting to walk out with some fundamental lab skills in my pocket at the end of it? There is a symposium at the end in which we have to present our summer's work to other members of the program and I am honestly nervous that I may have nothing. I'd love to hear about the experiences of others, so I can learn what I should be doing differently, etc!

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