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Vanderbilt rads

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Feb 11, 2005
    i for one think it is a great program, much better than most of the SE programs. I interviewed at all those programs you mentioned and personally thought Vanderbilt was much better (who wrote that junk about other prgrams "more respected in the south" needs to stop reading the marketing brochures). I admit there are some really good programs in the SE, but Vanderbilt is truly a good one (i was in medical school an extra year for research so i really got to know the faculty/program well). on the trail, i used to joke that it was the "best kept secret" given everyone focused on barnes/duke/mallink, etc. i went to vanderbilt for school and really wanted to stay there b/c it was so good but ob-gyn sucked so my wife and i coupled at duke/unc.

    pro's of vandy: really close group of likeable residents (not all male residents, families are supported) which is good b/c you live with these people for years, dr. dina/sanders (and most faculty) truly enjoy teaching and protect the time so you are not sleeping through all the lectures (they always brag about the 100% first time/no conditional pass rate even though you will get good training at alot of other programs as well), your upper level schedule minimizes hard months to prepare for boards (what i was told by residents), the techology is totally up to date (the classic trail crap--"cardiac MRI's scans, telsa this/that, etc."), no anemic areas so your training falters (even mammo/pediatrics has penty of faculty).

    con's of vandy: none that i did not see at other big academics, of course the volume is high so when you are on call (ER months, you definitely work but the nighthawkers are fun to work with), nashville is a nice town but not everyone's cup of tea (but unlike boston you can drive, buy a house, walk your dog safely in your neighborhood)

    that's it really: my criteria for list ranking were--location (close to family/will it be fun), teaching (i.e. are there lots of anemic areas/excessive volume preventing study time/family time), quality residents (i.e. drinking partners/dog lovers/etc). i thought vandy (like other programs) easily met these criteria and surpasses many other other (nameless) programs. If you match there you will have a great 4 years.

    Back to boring, painful slave labor (unc preliminary medicine). I hope you get your #1 regardless of the program choice. on ranking, don't give into the aunt minnie/psych-out crap. just look at the quality/hopefully balanced lifestyles of the upper residencts and you know how good the program is.



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    Aug 30, 2004
      jhadow said:
      What's vandy's cutoff on step I for an interview?

      Someone had told me last year it was 240. I dont know how he knew or if it was true, but that didnt matter to me as i had a 249 (and was AOA) and didnt get an interview and I am from the SE, but I dont go to a top tier school or even close to one for that matter so that was probably why. I was kind of bummed out about it at the time because nashville was one of 2 places along with charleston where my wife and i wanted to go but I didnt get interviews at either of them :mad:
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