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May 27, 2007
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So far, VCOM is my first choice of medical school. I visited, got a tour of the building by Bea, and also got to meet Megan. Everyone is super nice! Anyway, I am hoping to get in for Fall of '08 and my interview is set for the 30th of this month. I had a few questions:

1) Bea said there was an attendance policy. How strictly is this enforced? If you're doing well in classes, do they care?

2) Do they tape lectures? If so, how easy is it to view them later?

3) How would you rate your OMM/OPP program?

4) Do you have any complaints about the school?

Thanks a ton! Hopefully I'll be with you all in a little less than a year!

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Jun 14, 2006
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hehe vcom needs more SDNers!

Hey hopefully someone else will chime in to answer your question. I havent been at vcom for long a long time, I'm a first year but I will do my best....

1. There is an attendance policy. I'm not exactly sure what happens if you do not come to class, what the consequences are, I just go. I figure I spend all this money I might as well have someone teach me the information rather than learning myself. It's not too bad considering for now we are getting out of class at noon m-f
2. From what I know all we have available for each class is podcasts so you can listen to the lectures. I know a couple of people who say this is helpful so you can listen to lecture at a later time or upload it to your mp3 player.
3. Not the person to answer this since we only had one OMM lab. Ive been here since august and for our omm/ppc lab this thursday we have our first early clinical experience so that should be fun. We are supposed to work with geriatric patients taking histories, etc. We have only had a couple of OMM presentations and one lab so I may not be too much help on this question.
4. No regrets. Honestly I just told someone yesterday how glad I am that I go here. If you come to open house or just for a tour everyone seems very friendly and it doesnt stop there. Our instructors have been awesome and very willing to help, the school is wonderful, the area is nice and there are plenty of things to get into in the surrounding area (for free time outside of school).

Any other questions feel free to pm me. Hope this helps!
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Amy B

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Aug 7, 2000
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1) this has been an issue with every class since I have been here... They have changed things since I was in classes daily so I cant really comment. But they have also improved lectures and you do learn alot hearing them in person...but not every one learns that way.. I do know that you go into VCOM knowing that there is an attendence policy as well as a dress code....

2) I used to tape my lectures that I wanted to listen to later using my Dell movie maker that came standard on my laptop. DOnt know about the podcasts since I havent been in classes for over a year.

3) We have a bunch of the sports team docs from VT on staff in the OMM department so that is a plus. Dr Kerger is the head of that department. He really does know his stuff!! I am still not very good at it, but there are a bunch in my class that are really good at it. I would say it is just as good as any other program.

4) There are no perfect schools anywhere in the world. Of course you will have complaints from time to time. I have to tell you though,,, that knowing now what I know about VCOM I would still have come here over any other school that accepted me. I am very pleased with all that I have learned as well as with VCOM staff as a whole. They have been very supportive to me during these last several months since my son was killed. I have never had any regrets about coming to VCOM. We rotate with many school's students. I feel like we can hold our heads high no matter where we go.

Good luck!!:luck:


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Jun 23, 2006
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I am a first year and we have a completely different perspective than the 2nd years (or so I hear).

1. Yeah some of my buddies miss class here and there but for the most part we all go to class. I havent seen any consequences.. but there are rumors of professors putting things on tests that were in lecture even though they weren't on the powerpoint slide. I know a lot of second years that dont go to class all that often.
2) PODCASTS!! they are awesome!

3) How would you rate your OMM/OPP program? --- well as I first year I dont know first hand... but the sports medicine program here is top notch and I personally know the doctors well and they really know their stuff.

4) Do you have any complaints about the school? I am very happy to be a VCOM student... the faculty is great... I cant think of anything that is blatantly flawed here.