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Feb 24, 2003
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Several weeks ago I declined an interview offer at VCU by phone. Today I get a call during my lunch break saying I missed my interview(feb 20 date I think) and that since they don't know if they have any more dates, I may be rejected without having a chance to interview. I calmly reminded her that I canceled a long time ago. I'm actually pretty sure the person I was on the phone with is the same person I talked to several weeks ago. But she seems to ignore all this, preferring to ramble on about how the interview slots were extremely competitive this year and there might be a qualified candidate who didn't get a chance to interview because I didn't give up my slot.

At this point, instead of reminding her *again* that did in fact call to cancel my interview, I simply hung up without responding. My lunch break is too short to have a conversation where the person on the other end isn't listening to me. Has anyone else had any similar experiences with VCU?


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Feb 18, 2003
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I havent had any bad experiences with VCU. Very good ones actually, but I can see how this could happen. Their system is so computer oriented and unlike most schools everything is online. This is good and bad. Good to see all your stuff anytime you want, and bad for when you need to speak with a human or in your situation.

This really does seem to be a problem, just as the woman told you, someone missed an interview opportunity because they didnt remove you from the interview list.

I almost missed my interview because the email got placed in a junk folder and on a blind hunch I randomly checked the site and found out that I had an interview for the next monday.

Everyone needs to check the site and watch out where the emails go cause thats the only communication they will give.


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Aug 2, 2002
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I got an e-mail on a Friday requesting that I interview the next Wednesday. That was BS. I declined it. Two business days wasn't enough time to deal with the classes and work I was going to miss.



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Oct 11, 2003
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Uh oh....I'll probably get a similar phone call soon. I was supposed to interview today but cancelled Monday when I got into Rochester.
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