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VERBAL for EK lecture books and 101 books HELP EEK

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by christian15213, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. christian15213

    christian15213 Banned Banned

    Jul 28, 2006
    LOL, I am posting this in a new thread because I want feedback from as many of you who are aware of this as possible...

    OK, emergency SCARY.... I did the first 30 mintue lecture for lecture 1 of the EK Verbal lecture book... i.e. not the 101 and not the end of the lecture thing but rather the back of the book 30 minute exam...


    I got my ARSE KICKED... WTF??? anyone else have this happen?

    I mean is thing overally hard on purpose or what? I feel a I made a few dumb mistakes but WTH is going on. I did everything in the book almost perfectly up to this point... including that thing where I didn't have the passgage to look at and I scored a 12 in that section.

    Furthermore, the verbal score is out of 23 but there are only 21 questions? Duh how does that make sense?

    Feedback on this would be awsome...
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  3. midn

    midn 10+ Year Member

    Sep 30, 2005
    I've done the entire VR book (only two of the 101 passages though before I had to quit), and the VR book exams are intentionally very difficult. EK is really trying to drive hard their strategies of reading into the main idea so they give A LOT of answers that sound right. The explanations in the back are very disappointing since they pick out small details to eliminate a lot of the answer choices. Overall, I did really bad on all of them.

    I have no advice to offer since I haven't touched the 101 book in two months. I tried the whole analyzing each question/answer choice thing, but it didn't really work because the answers they choose are barely correct most of the time.

    It's hard, but keep at it.
  4. christian15213

    christian15213 Banned Banned

    Jul 28, 2006
    Ok, I am breathing a little easier on two accounts...

    1st. I just finished another 30 minute exam and for lecture two and did marketably better... MUCH better... my raw score = an 8 for MCAT and I went back to look at ones I did wrong but not answers I wrote so that it was sort of the same playing field in saying, ok I got this wrong now look again and see if you could make a better answer.

    ***for the first passage I got 1 of two wrong answer correct +1
    ***for the second passage I got 3 of the 4 correct +3 and the one response they gave I super disagreed with...
    ***for the third passage I got 2 of 2 wrong correct for +2

    this changed my score from an MCAT 8 to an MCAT 12...

    The reason why I did this is to see the potential of me paying more attention and thinking differently could result in a better answer... before I went to the back and got their EK full explanation... seems like good practice to me...

    Secondly, I started to do something different for the second and third passage compared to my first. I highlighted as I read what I thought were main points... ON the fly per se... and I put little 2 seconds quips like authors Opinion or facts and just kept moving along... I know this takes a little more time but I feel as if I don't want to neccesarily map the whole passage but there is so much information it is hard to not have any reference point to go back and look at for a second or two and come up with a more educated answer... ***As you can see it worked better for the third passage then it did for the second...

    I don't know what anyone's thoughts are on this but I feel the questions are a bit to detailed to just ignore what they are saying and or mean...

    Finally I see practice practice practice is going to be the answer to this game... EK 101 WHERE YOU AT????

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