Aug 21, 2013
Medical Student
Hi Everyone,
My mcat is the 22nd. As of now, I have finished the TPR verbal book and have been practicing from the Verbal Qbanks. When I take my FL exams (EK and TPR) I seem to do alright on the verbal section. However, when I do the Qbanks I get many wrong. Do you guys think the Qbanks are a bit more difficult? And will the real exam be similar to this? I went back to the old AAMC exams and it seemed as if they picked out the more difficult passages to make the Qbank lol

Anyways, what are some tips on how I can improve? I feel that I can finish reading the passage in 2-3 mins, and have a decent understand on what its about. But when I get to the questions, I get many wrong.