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Very worried about my situation. Would appreciate any advice!


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Oct 3, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hello everyone. This is my first post on SDN or any discussion board. I am currently a Junior studying biology at a top 20 private school and I am extremely worried about how my application would look to admissions. I started college back in Fall 2015 and completed one year with 16 units per semester then transferred to the school I am currently at. I ended up taking a gap year before transferring and began my first semester in Fall 2017. Ive really been struggling with mental health issues and lack of motivation. I have been able to maintain a 3.8 but have been taking really light course load these past couple years. Two semesters I was considered part time and took 8 units. I have three semesters left and am taking a full and challenging course load from here on out. I am confident I can excel with this course load as I did it my freshman year. I have no excuse for the light course load except for the issues I mentioned. Will going below full time for two semesters ruin my chances of getting into medical school even if I have a good gpa and mcat? I plan on taking a gap year after undergrad regardless so I may be considered a non trad student. There is nothing I can do about the two light semesters at this point. Do you think this factor alone will impact my chances of admission? I am really stressed about this! Any advice would be much appreciated!
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