Aug 1, 2009
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Hi guys,

I'm applying for entry into vet science at UQ for 2010 as a graduate. I understand from information I've gathered and from UQ Admissions department that entry into any vet science at UQ is based entirely on meeting the pre-requisites and having an OP/Rank above the cut-off for this year.

However, I've been volunteering at a vet practice recently, and the vet there claims that UQ conducts interviews into for entry into vet science. This has made me quite worried. There is no mention of interviews or such on the UQ vet science pages, so I'm wondering if this is some "secret" procedure UQ conducts, and if so, are they actually allowed to not reveal that they do this? Granted, the vet I spoke to graduated from UQ 6 years ago so his info may be dated, but I'm hoping to clear my doubts here. Anyone knows for sure? Thanks!


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I can't find anything on the UQ website either... Your best bet would be to contact the admissions office and find out.

I'd suspect that if anything they might have a policy like UofMelb. which states
The Selection Committee may consider any experience the applicant may have had in fields relevant to veterinary science and call for referee reports and employer references to assist in the selection process, or require the applicant to attend an interview to elucidate on any of the matters contained in the application or in the criteria listed above.

That is, they reserve the right to interview you but may not always do so unless there is a reason they want to hear from you in person.

Admissions contact info: (07) 3365 2203 or [email protected]
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