Volunteer work in Southern California



Hey. Does anyone know if there are any places for volunteer work? Its hard trying to find some place to volunteer when i don't have any license or experience.

any ideas?? anyone know anyone? places?


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Apr 19, 2003
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Your best bet is to try hospital pharmacy. If you're lucky, you can ask a volunteer coordinator at one of the hospitals and see if they allow volunteers to help out in their inpatient or outpatient pharmacies. One particular hospital in Anaheim was more than happy to have me in there once a week to at least help them get rid of their oral unit dose outdates ;). In exchange for that I would get to shadow the pharmacists.


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Jan 23, 2004
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pharmacy girl, if you are close to west LA the Santa Monica- UCLA Medical Center has a year long internship program called CAre-Extenders and you do rotationsin the hospital including pharmacy I thikn there web site is careextenders.org but i am not sur eif you are interested i can get the contact info for you
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