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Dec 16, 2006
So I am looking at Spring semester and i am contemplating taking a semester off of volunteering at the children's hospital... heres a lil info

I have been volunteering for a year and a half at least 4 hours a week and one semster I did 7 hours a week...

Next semester I am going to be taking 3 sciences with labs and 1 or 2 other classes as well as an MCAT prep course (Kaplan) and working a few hours each week (5-10)

Will it hurt my volunteer credibility to take of for the semester and focus on MCAT prep and my science classes?

I really do love volunteering but I am struggling to fit in into my schedule


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Dec 28, 2006
Medical Student
I think it is fine to take a break as long as you still have some kind of extracurricular activity during that time. I think the med schools will be looking to see if you have any gaps in your activities.
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