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Aug 31, 2014
Hey guys,

I am applying to a few caribbean schools. I have been taking vyvanse legitimately for 5 years now. Will I able to get vyvanse on the islands or will I have to have my parents ship it? Also should I inform the schools of my ADHD condition?

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Apr 29, 2002
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Depends on the island. Likely you will have to have it shipped in. I was (and still am) on Advair for my asthma, and I had to have it shipped to Dominica when I was there.

As far as notifying them of ADHD, the typical question you will get now (and for the rest of your career) is whether you will require a "special exception" for testing, to do your job, etc. Back in U.S., this is really only critical if you expect that you will need accommodation in order to get more time to take a test or to practice medicine.

Not notifying them up-front may have downstream legal ramifications under the ADA if you were ever to file a claim for, say, wrongful dismissal or wrongful termination. Unless your status changes while in school or while employed, they could argue that you never notified them that you had a "disability" prior to accepting a position (etc.) if you don't tell them up front.

Any doubts, run it by a lawyer (which I am not... and this is NOT legal advice. :) )



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Sep 15, 2015
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Getting any specialty meds in Grenada was hard as well. Actually...getting any medicine except antihelmintics was challenging. (IGA had more worm killers than cough killers). Also note you had to pay cash per pill, and each pharmacy charged different rates.