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Emily Hanson

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Mar 1, 2023
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I am currently a junior majoring in business while pre-dent. I just switched my major within the business school from marketing to management. As a result, the two marketing classes I am enrolled in are not relevant to my major. I am wanting to drop one of these courses and enroll in a management course so I am focusing on relevant credits, but it would result in a "W" on my transcript. I am able to enroll in a management course now, so if I dropped I would add this additional course and still be 3 credits above full time (at 15 credits), the same amount I am taking now. One of my marketing courses is much more difficult than the other, and it would take a lot of the time I want to dedicate on getting a grade in biochem to get an A in this course. I have no withdrawals currently and don't see myself getting any others. How would this single withdrawal impact my application for dental school?


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Withdrawals may need explaining at some point in the process. Long as you don't have them every semester I doubt it is a real issue. I think theres a section on the application to explain any academic issues as well.
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