May 17, 2016
Hello SDN,
I am in need of some insight as a health science major heading into their senior year. My stats: cGPA 3.11 and scGPA 2.94. To be brutally honest, I was an awful student freshman and sophomore year, and had a gpa of around 2.8 heading into my junior year.
I managed to put out a 3.82 gpa for my junior year after a major life re-evaluation. Sadly, most my pre-reqs happened sophomore year, my absolute worst year.
I have a C and C+ in anatomy(and physiology) 1 and 2 respectively.
C+ and C- in Orgo.
C in Gen Chem 2

Most my other pre-reqs are a mix of B's. I have an A from physics 1, my only A in my first two years of college. These grades honestly paint a picture of profound laziness, I didn't do homework or study, I just showed up and took the tests and left. Looking back, I can't even picture how I did this.

My junior year stacked up as following
Protein folding and Mis-folding, Genetics, Developmental Psych: A-
Irish Cultures, Personal Health: A

Creative Writing, Physics 2, Epidemiology, Abnormal Psychology: A
Calc 2: B+ (I fought very hard for this grade, I did very poor in math in high school and early college)

This summer I took
Medical Terminology: A
Orgo 2 Retake: (Currently at an A going into last week)

My classes for senior year will include Biochemistry, Evolutionary medicine, and some graduation requirements. Where I run into trouble is that I want to know how to demonstrate how much I have improved my academic self to smp programs. I am considering a retake of Anatomy 1 and 2 at a CC nearby (School doesn't allow retakes of C or higher) or some neuroscience courses to give my gpa a last boost and apply after the fall semester.

I am currently studying for MCAT, most likely will take January. I am confident I will do fine, I am a good standardized test taker and am approaching this test very seriously. I could take it sooner to get app in sooner but I won't know how well my study schedule will adapt until the semester begins. I want to apply to BU, Tufts, and LECOMS smp programs. I will apply to more but at the time being I am focusing on my summer class so will do more research soon.

There is a lot more info I can give but this is already long winded with background info, so let me get my questions out and I can fill in any extra later. Should I wait as long as possible to let my gpa rise further before applying to smp or focus on getting my app in early (MCAT score dependent)? Should I retake classes like anatomy at CC or take up some more neuroscience courses and all the bio and health science classes I can in my last year?


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May 19, 2016
Retaking those classes will be a good idea. Apply early..don't wait. I think if you do well on the MCAT, your GPA will not be an issue. Don't beat yourself up too much, just do the best you can. All the best!
May 17, 2016
Would retaking just anatomy be adequate or perhaps going for more than that? I have a lot of wiggle room second semester as I will only have 2 requirements left for my degree, but first semester I only have one slot open for an extra science course. I also am very hesitant to take more than 3 science courses at once, biochemistry is fairly difficult at my school (New professor so hard to rely on other students for tips on labs and such) and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.
I suppose I should mention I work 20 ish hours a week and volunteer another 11. I will be halving both of those hours when school begins but I pay my own rent so I can't cut myself too slim.