Aug 10, 2019
This definitely makes sense, since otherwise you'd never fill up the class.

I was referring to the A multiplier being sometimes less than one, which I've heard some schools do (i.e. accepting only ~80% of the class initially and the remaining ~20% are taken off the WL). I have no clue what the strategy is there though (as opposed to accepting the entire class size first and pulling from the WL when those accepted applicants rescind their acceptances).
I think you might be misremembering what you heard...
There would be No reason to ever offer fewer than a 1 multiplier , or in other words, minimally offering enough acceptances to fill the class exactly.

A school like NYU now has a very high yield, almost a different yield problem than Harvard and maybe harder to predict. So they off very close to 1x As and then use WL for the 1-Yield remainders 20%. Whereas Harvard might do 1.1-1.2x and need a only a few WLs.
Aug 10, 2019
Do we have any stats that shows only 10-20 people who get other acceptances and also HMS, deny HMS? Curious.
Look the X vs Y forum in March after Harvard and other non rolling accept, and also merit aid often sent out.
You'll see full tuition scholarships at a T30 will often (not always as some feel the name is worth it) Trump full loans at HMS. Wash U, Verderbilt, NYU, Michigan, UCLA, Emory, U Chicago to name some schools giving out large merit grants to elite candidates capable of HMS acceptance.

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