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Oct 10, 2002
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hey guys,
i was wondering if anyone had opinions on the following: so ive gathered thats its harder to get in if you apply to school late. i was an august mcater and applied late. ive now heard back from every school, and im waitlisted at at a lot of them. my question is: do you think its harder to get off of a waitlist because of a late application or do you think the chances are the same as if you had applied early? i received almost all of my waitlists in april, so i was wondering if my chances are less than the average waitlistee. anyone have any experience with this? thanks.


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Jan 12, 2004
I don't have any experience with this, but I wouldn't think it matters. Once you are on a waitlist, you are either "ranked" on that list or placed on an unranked list. Before you are chosen off that list, the committee meets to decide who to take, and I doubt your application date factors into that decision.

Applying late usually lowers your chances of recieving interviews or straight-off acceptences, but I would think you're ok once you're on the waitlist.
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