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Feb 20, 2005
Hey everyone,
I'm new here so forgive me for this dumb question. I'm on all waitlists now (UB middle pool, PSU, Drexel), no acceptances. Does anyone know anything about waitlists at these schools and what my chances would be for getting an acceptance eventually from them? I'm still waiting to hear back from MSSM, Tufts, Jefferson, and I'm on hold for review at GWU, but I guess I should give up on all those now since it's so late and I haven't heard anything from them. The waitlists are my only hope for med school this fall so if anyone knows anything about how they work, I'd really appreciate it.


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Oct 21, 2004
Typically, schools will accept more students than they have spots available. So if the school has 100 spots for the 1st year class, it might accept 150 people BEFORE May 15. On May 15th, everyone who has been accepted to multiple schools must drop all but 1 of their acceptances. Thus, many spaces will open up at lots of schools (maybe 60 people who were accepted to the school you're interested in will drop their spots, thereby leaving 10 spaces open). Now the school can accept 10 people from the waitlist. All this is to say, that you will most likely not hear about any waitlist movement until after May 15th (realistically, there probably won't be any movement until early June). It's a long wait, but there's definitely still hope for you. Hang in there!
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