Nov 22, 2013
Medical Student
I'm interested in going into derm, thinking ahead to next year and where/when I want to spend my ADTs.

Anyone have any exposure to the program in Bethesda? Thoughts?

Thanks very much!


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Jul 9, 2007
Attending Physician
I rotated there as a fourth year medical student because you have the opportunity to see some path while doing derm (and I was applying to path programs). Overall, I had a very positive experience with the program.

1 - most days you follow a resident through clinic. As a fourth year I was not required to write any notes. I just got to sit back and learn.

2 - There were opportunities to follow residents in procedure clinics. If you did one of these you were often allowed to help out (biopsies, lasers, etc).

3 - The Mohs surgeons let you hang out with them for a day or two, so you get to learn about that.

Overall, a very laid back rotation and I learned a fair amount.