WAMC: 25, F, 2nd Time Applicant, Non-Trad (Low GPA w/ Upward Trend)

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Jul 15, 2023
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Hey there! I am an Alabama non-traditional applicant, 25, Female - Will graduate w/ my Bachelors in Microbiology in Spring 25'. Low cumulative GPA

Applying to: Auburn (IS), Virginia-Maryland, and Mississippi State
Cumulative GPA: 3.35
Science GPA: VMCAS - 3.31;
Science GPA based on school calculations: Auburn - 3.26, Virginia-Maryland - 4.00, and Mississippi - 3.87
Last 45: 4.00

Any degrees achieved:

Associate of Science - Graduated w/ Highest Honors (4.00 GPA)​

Veterinary Experience: ~4905 hours overall
- 800 hours - Fear-free GP small animal clinic (veterinary assistant)
- 495 hours - Small animal/exotic GP hospital (veterinary assistant)
- 2610 hours - Small animal/pocket pet GP/ER hospital (lead veterinary assistant)
- 90 hours - Small animal surgery specialty hospital (overnight ICU technician)
- 910 hours - Small animal GP clinic (veterinary assistant)

Animal Experience:
- 120 hours - Kennel Technician at a small animal GP hospital
- 102 hours - Equine Care Assistant at a nonprofit therapeutic horseback riding program
- 3 hours - Cattle handling lab I participated in at the local vet school in which I was able to get hands-on experience working with cattle and cattle handling systems like cattle chutes
- 22 hours - Volunteer Raptor Rehabilitation Assistant

Research Experience:
- 150+ hours - Undergraduate research in virology and will be taking on my own independent research with this lab in the fall
- 108 hours - Undergraduate research in immunology

- Tau Sigma Honor Society
- National Society of Leadership and Success
- President's List x5
- Dean's List x1
- Outstanding Chemistry Student Award at my Community College
- Outstanding Physics Student Award at my Community College
- Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
- Presidential Honors: Veterinary Assistant Certification
- Community College Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship
- MACJC Distinguished Academic All-State (Women's Soccer)
- Second Team NJCAA All-Academic (Women's Soccer)
- Hustle Award (Women's Soccer)
- Athletic Scholarship

- 30 Hours - Microbiology Club Member
- 30 Hours - Genetics Club Member
- 30 Hours - Pre-Veterinary Medicine Association Member
- 20 Hours - Intramural Soccer
- 1008 Hours - College Athlete (Women's Soccer)
- 900 Hours - Team Captain for the women's varsity team during high school

Employment (Not Animal Related):
- 2160 hours - Lead Server at Buffalo Wild Wings
- 1600 hours - Server at Buffalo Wild Wings
- 400 hours - Fast-food cook at Zaxby's

- Professor at my University who taught me both Genetics and Cell Biology - I always went to office hours and built a professional relationship with him over two semesters - when I asked him if he would write me a recommendation letter, he requested an interview/meeting with me so that he could write as detailed a letter as possible
- Immunology Research PI/Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Mathematics at my University
- DVM I worked with as the lead veterinary assistant at a small animal/pocket pet GP/ER hospital full-time during my "gap years" and who I have maintained contact with -she has been one of my biggest supporters
- DVM from my current clinic, who I feel would write me the strongest recommendation letter based on being the main one I work with

My biggest concerns are my low cumulative GPA and science GPA. I encountered unexpected financial obligations in my second year of college and failed out because I had poor time management, worked 50+ hours a week, and thought I would be fine to still be in school full-time. I took about 2 years off from school until about 2022 once I was financially stable and capable of full-time classes. I have maintained a 4.00 GPA since returning to school, and all of my semesters have been 15+ hours and very science-heavy, so I feel confident that my coursework will show I am capable of handling the academic rigor. Still, I am very anxious that it won't be enough with the highly competitive applicant pool.

Also, I lack diversity in hours. I have many small animal/exotic veterinary hours and a few animal hours with equine, raptors, and cattle, but that's about it. Additionally, almost all of my experiences were paid except for the equine assistant and raptor rehabilitation assistant, which were both volunteers, so I am also lacking in community service hours.

In all reality, what are my chances?

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