WAMC 3.9 cGPA, 3.7 sGPA, 516 MCAT, School recommendations

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May 3, 2020
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  1. 3.9 cGPA, 3.7 sGPA
  2. 516 MCAT on practices (MCAT has been canceled due to covid-19), 128 chem/phys, 131 CARS, 129 bio, 128 psych
  3. US
  4. White, F
  5. The University of Chicago, current third year
  6. 250hrs volunteer in adult ED over two years
  7. Three years of research, four poster presentations and two abstracts, accepted to become an Honors Thesis and move towards publishing the paper
  8. 20hrs shadowing surgery (cut short due to covid-19 cancellation)
  9. 150hrs Neighborhood Schools Program tutoring, TA for Core Biology courses, TA for collaborative Organic Chemistry courses
  10. Model United Nations: leadership running a 1000-person conference this and last year, competitive team member, and executive for international policy and debate; Deans Men: board member for the Shakespeare club
I'm looking at the following schools but would really appreciate advice, especially since a lot of my volunteer/ shadowing hours are cut short due to the pandemic:

Far Reach: NYU, Wash U, U Chicago, Harvard
Reach: UVA, NW, Icahn Mt Sinai, Kaiser
Low Reach: UCSF, Duke, BU, Case W, UTSW, Ohio St, Pitt
Target: UCLA, U Cinn, U Florida, Dartmouth
UT Houston, U Miami, U Wisconsin VCU, Indiana U

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Any community service? All your non-clinical volunteering involves teaching and tutoring. No bets without your official MCAT score.

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Community service has mainly been through the hospital volunteering; I've helped in the food/clothing drives and community dinners at my local church, say for a couple hours a month
VA, sorry about leaving that out!
Without an actual MCAT score it is not possible to determine which schools on your list are appropriate. However, the Texas schools accept few non residents with no connection to the state. Post your actual score here when available.
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