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WAMC: 3.96/524 (+diversifying school list)


Full Member
May 7, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi, I would appreciate any comments / suggestions about my school list. I'm trying not to apply to more than 25 (for financial / time reasons) and am struggling to create a diverse + reasonable list.

Academic background: Junior at T15 private research school, graduating 1 semester early (Traditional applicant). Biology major, Spanish + statistics minors
State of residence: CA / ORM
cGPA: 3.96, sGPA: 3.96
MCAT: 524 (131/131/131/131)

Research: ~1500 hours in one lab for 2.5 years so far, will continue until after graduation. 1 national poster presentation / short talk, a couple regional poster presentations. Received a fellowship of $7500 over 3 years to pursue an independent project. PI is writing a LOR. 1 upcoming paper, but won't be submitted / approved before applying b/c of COVID19 lab shutdowns.

Clinical Volunteering: Doing art therapy (~70 hours). ER volunteer (~50 hours). Miscellaneous bits of working with low vision patients and volunteering in waiting rooms (~70 hours). I was planning to go hard on all things clinical this semester but probably won't be able to continue for a while.

Physician shadowing: ~40 hours total w/ ER, cardiothoracic surgeon, ophthalmologist. Definitely my weak point.

Non-clinical volunteering: Mentoring inner city middle schoolers in STEM (~200 hours), supervised 4 other mentors. Homeless shelter (~40 hours).

Other ECs: Magic (~200 hours), my ~unique~ EC. Biology Honors Society (~60 hours), will be co-Pres. Writing tests / proctoring events for Science Olympiad tournaments (~60 hours). Events coordinator for a club that raises awareness for / serves the low vision community (split between clinical / non-clinical volunteering)

Employment: Mentoring 2 peers / semester to improve study skills + if applicable, get off academic probation (~70 hours). Developed curriculum for a STEM summer program targeted to attract at-risk youth (~80 hours).

Other: I'm really interested in Spanish / working with Spanish speaking patients, and have taken Medical Spanish, if that's useful info.

My prehealth advisor said I could use some of the UCs as "safeties" but I would like a more diverse list since I feel like it's pretty top heavy. I'm a bit afraid of yield protection and a lot of state schools are not OOS friendly, so I welcome any + all advice!

School list:
In CA:
USC Keck
UCD - what's up with the new SJT requirement??

Mt. Sinai
Mayo (Alix)
Albert Einstein
USF Morsani
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Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
Also, do you have any thoughts on why AAMC is trying out SJT instead of just doing CASPR?
CASPR is a private assessment product used by a lot of different graduate programs. The AAMC SJT is meant to assess the entering competencies and is specifically designed for that purpose. This is a pilot year, and only 2-3? schools are part of it.
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