WAMC and School List Help? High MCAT and GPA but little clinical experience

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Jul 20, 2021
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Hi guys, would just like some feedback on my chances considering my extracurriculars and if I should add any schools to my list!

Male, White/Hispanic, TX Resident
Undergrad at Texas A&M (BS in Biology)
3.86 cGPA
3.81 BCPM
Freshman GPA 3.96
Sophomore GPA 3.77
Junior GPA 3.88
MCAT 526 (131/131/132/132)

LM 81.6
WARS 82ish

IA - Alcohol violation Freshman year

Research -
300 hours in a biochemistry lab, 1 publication as a contributor, one publication as first author and multiple more as a contributor coming in the fall
200 hours on an individual project, publication as 1st author coming in the fall

Shadowing - 90 hrs in a hospital in Spain

Leadership - 200 hours as an officer in a men's organization

Work - 500 hours as a research analyst for a financial firm
200 hours as a TA for intro physics

Volunteering - 30 hours on various projects with my men's org

Awards -
Texas Sea Grant Award - given for a biochemistry research presentation
2nd Place, Oral Presentation, TAMU Student Research Week - for the same presentation as above
Champe Fitzhugh International Leadership Seminar - orientation for incoming National Merit Scholars at TAMU held in Italy

Other EC - 400 hours as a member of my men's org
50 hours as a member of an international awareness org for 1 year
200 hours and counting as a player in multiple local soccer leagues

Future work -- plan on keeping my finance job until matriculation
Research, both individual and in lab, resulting in multiple publications
Keep my TA job
Keep my officer position in men's org through graduation

I've had good feedback on my PS, TMDSAS essays, and secondaries, but who really knows

2nd Quartile for CASPer (received by schools 7/1)

LORs - last letter received by schools 7/11
Research PI from biochem lab (also a former professor)
Boss from financial job
Mentor from med school prof helping me with individual research project
Anatomy prof

TMDSAS transmitted 5/17
AMCAS Verified 7/12

School List (Date secondary submitted)
UTSW (6/2)
Baylor (7/1)
UT Austin (Dell) (7/6)
UT San Antonio (Long) (N/A)
Paul L Foster (El Paso) (6/6)
Tech Lubbock (6/2)
UTH (McGovern) (6/7)
UH (6/24)
TAMU (6/2)
UTMB (Galveston) (7/6)
UTRGV (6/21)
Mayo Clinic (All campuses, AZ top) (7/16)
NYU (7/15)
Miami (Not Submitted Yet)
WashU (7/14)
Duke (Not Submitted Yet)
Vanderbilt (7/20)
Harvard (7/15)
Stanford (7/19)
Yale (7/15)

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Your complete lack of clinical exposure hours in this country and low non clinical volunteering will limit your chances for interviews. Your best chances are your Texas schools where your high stats will help your chances for interviews.
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My shadowing experience involved some talking to patients but otherwise, no
And your shadowing was in Spain. You need 50 hours of shadowing in the US including some with a primary care doc. You need 200+ hours of clinical experience(can be paid or volunteer) with face to face contact with the sick, injured and dying. I really can’t tell if you have any nonclinical volunteering focusing on the unserved/underserved in your community. It seems most of of your activities are with your “men’s org”. (Is that a fraternity? ). You need to get off campus and out of your comfort zone and find people very unlike yourself to help. You need 200+ hours of nonclinical volunteering. Your application is interesting but nowhere in what you shared is there any inclination that you want to be a doctor. You have all of these other activities and athletic pursuits but you haven’t shown even the remote desire to be a doctor. It will be interesting to see how your cycle goes without some important ECs.
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