WAMC: First time applicant (23F), solid undergrad gpa/low grad gpa

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Jan 24, 2023
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Hello! I am a 23F hispanic NJ resident and it is my first time applying, hopefully looking to get into Rowan this coming cycle since it's my IS. In brief, I am an undocumented student and have struggled to get a lot of financial support to fund my education so I've spent a long time working while also taking care of a sick relative who has declined in the past couple of years. Despite experiencing a downward trend in my gpa due to these issues, I am happy to have graduated from my masters program and have learned so much from the experience as I did my best to tailor it to vet school. As far as my interests go, I'm into shelter medicine, pathology and maybe mixed practice! I'm hoping that even with my low gpa, I can at least land one acceptance, but please let me know your thoughts. :giggle:

Applying to: Rowan (IS), Purdue, Ohio, Penn, Oregon, Cornell, TAMU
Cumulative GPA: 3.43
science GPA: 3.3
last 45: 3.2

Any degrees achieved:
AS in Biology (2020)
BS in Animal Science (2023)
MS in Endocrinology (2024)

Veterinary Experience:
- 4012 hours vet tech/lead vet tech at an animal shelter- the veterinarian and I managed the medical team taking on a large animal pop. (over 300 animals). I assisted with animal intakes, giving vaccines, medications, and preventatives, helping with surgeries, x-rays, bloodwork, and euthanasias while also educating adopters and our fellow staff.
- 42 hours as a student working under a laboratory vet

Animal Experience:
- 42 hours working with cattle (feeding, herding, giving vaccines, performing ultrasound, tagging calves)
- 2080 hours fostering kittens and puppies before adoption (~25 kittens total, 6 puppies)
- 1256 hours volunteering as a vet tech at an animal shelter (same roles as above, but as a volunteer since my work permit sadly expired)
- 208 hours volunteering at a local spay-neuter clinic (mostly kennel work)
- 420 hours as a kennel attendant (same shelter i got promoted to vet tech in!)

Research Experience:
-~750 hours doing breast cancer work on mice as a research assistant

- dean's list x3
- phi theta kappa honor society
- president's list x2
- computer science scholarship
- latino-based scholarship

-Veterinary Sci club member
-Artist (working on tattoo designs, portraits and a children's book)
-Competitive speedrunner for video games
-Volunteer at local after-school program tutoring kids in math, science and english

- ~2000 hrs housekeeping
- ~3000 hrs in fast food
-~200 hrs worth of work I charged for art designs

- medical director/veterinarian at the animal shelter whos known me for over 3 years
-visiting veterinarian at animal shelter who has also known me for 3 years
-veterinarian/graduate program professor (motivated me to even apply this year! I took 2 classes with them for 1 year)
-PhD candidate (helped with their research for almost 2 years)

Personal statement:
- Still not sure how to go about this, any suggestions are welcomed!

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