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Jun 22, 2020
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Hey everyone! I’ve been looking at info on here for a while, but this is my first time posting. Please let me know how my application looks. I’m applying for the first time and am really nervous.

Here are my stats:

Female, 21, first time applicant, Tennessee resident
Schools I’m applying to: Tennessee, LMU, Georgia, Auburn, and Oklahoma State

Degree: Veterinary Science with a minor in Chemistry

Overall: 3.98
Science and last 45: close to a 3.98
(I made an A- in both semesters of Physics this year)

GRE: I’m still waiting on official scores, but I’m unofficial are 155V, 155Q. I think the writing portion went ok.

Veterinary Hours:
I have around 550 hours total. Most are with small or large animal vet. I have a few hours (~50) that focus specifically on shelter medicine.

Animal experience:
I have around 7000 hours because I was raised on a cattle farm. Around half of these hours are with cattle and the other half are with horses. This also includes around 1000 hours I have with goats, chickens, and small animals.

I have around 250 research hours and was awarded a grant to complete summer research last summer. I’ve presented at two conferences

Non-animal volunteer hours:
- volunteer at my church (750 hours)
- medical foreign mission trip (100 hours)
- other smaller volunteer opportunities

Non-animal employment:
-work study at my university in the biology department
-part time at my family’s business with more hours concentrated in the summer

- orientation leader at my school for 1.5 yrs
- Student Government for all of undergrad (on the executive board for three years and am currently President)
- Resident Assistant for 2 years
- Pre-Vet Club for 3 years
- RHA for 1 year

- Deans list every semester
- 4 endowed scholarships at my college
- academic scholarship at my college
- two college honor societies
- 3 RA awards
- Research award from my department at college
- Award from a Student Government conference

- 2 vets I have shadowed
- My physics professor that I’ve worked closely with as an orientation leader
- my work study supervisor
- my research mentor

Thank you in advance!


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Dec 7, 2014
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Grades are excellent. I always tell people to talk up their research experience...the animal experience is obviously strong. Vet hours are a little low, but not impossibly so and if anything it’s possible schools will be a little more likely to lower their hour expectations this year because of covid. Overall, i think you have a very solid chance:)
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